Bill Maher Talks Balloon Boy, Interviews Rep. Alan Grayson (VIDEO)

On "Real Time" this Friday, Maher began his show with a monologue about the the "balloon boy" saga surrounding the Heene family.

Maher made some funny observations. Among them, the misnomer "balloon boy."

"They're calling him balloon boy, which is so stupid" Maher said, "because the one thing we know about this kid, is that he was not in a balloon."


Maher's first guest Friday was Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL).

Grayson made a national name for himself over the past few weeks with his simple analysis of the Republican Party's health care plan: Don't get sick and if you do, die quickly.

Rep. Grayson came prepared for Maher and the show's format. They went back and forth, and talked about health care reform, medical malpractice suits, President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, and the Afghan War (Grayson is opposed to the war). Each scored some good one-liners.

Rep. Grayson's most quotable line was a joke about President Obama conspiracy theorists:
"I understand what the president's doing, and you know, people attack him and he turns the other cheek, just like a good Muslim would do."


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