You've Never Seen Shrink Wrap Used Like This Before (PHOTOS)

It's not news that models make serious sacrifices all in the name of fashion, but Iris van Herpen just took it to another ... a more air-tight level.

The designer debuted her Fall 2014 collection at Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday and gave "keeping it fresh" a whole new meaning by vacuum sealing models into what can only be described as giant Ziploc bags. While the pieces are stunning, we just have a few questions for the fashion house and the models themselves:

  • How did they get in?
  • How did they get out?
  • Did it hurt?
  • Is this allowed?

Perhaps the designer was inspired by this art installation? With this kind of unorthodox vision, no wonder Lady Gaga is van Herpen's biggest fan.

Check out some of the photos below and head over to to see the entire collection.

iris van herpen 1

iris van herpen 2

iris van herpen 3

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