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Irish Food Defined For St. Paddy's (PHOTOS)

Know the difference between your colcannon and your champs.
03/12/2013 08:55am ET | Updated March 12, 2013

If you're a regular celebrator of Saint Paddy's Day, you should be very familiar with traditional Irish fare -- not just the booze. We're not talking shamrock-shaped cookies and green cupcakes, but real Irish cuisine. If you don't know your colcannon from your champs, well then you owe it to Saint Patrick to study up.

This year, even if you have to start the day with green eggs and ham, we hope you'll have one real Irish dish. With a look at the most traditional foods of Ireland, potatoes definitely play a big theme. It's just one more reason we want to celebrate this Saint Patrick's Day -- besides the Guinness, of course.

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Irish Food Defined