Mom Schools Everyone Her First Time Using Family WhatsApp Group

Don't forget where you came from.

An Irish mother just started using WhatsApp, but we have a feeling she’s going to do just fine.

Dave McGinn, of the town of Tallaught in South Dublin, Ireland, told The Metro that his dad got his mom, Rita, a smartphone for her birthday this week. McGinn invited his mother to the family’s WhatsApp messaging group soon afterward, and the rest is viral history.

Seriously, the people went wild over Rita’s snappy comeback. Some clamored for her to join Twitter immediately.

McGinn told The Irish Post that not only did his mother start the family, she’s also probably responsible for their comedic sensibilities.

“The whole family has a good sense of humor, and we probably inherited from her,” he said.

He’s also confirmed that she’s still on speaking terms with him, despite McGinn making her Twitter famous.

Here’s to hoping we hear more from Rita.

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