111-Year-Old Shipwreck Uncovered By Superstorm Waves In Ireland (VIDEO)

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More than a century after it ran aground, the wreck of "The Sunbeam" has been uncovered on an Irish beach following a brutal, days-long superstorm.

One of the worst storms to hit Ireland in recent years, Superstorm Christine has caused an estimated €300 million (about $408 million) in damage to the area, according to the Irish Independent. But the same high waves and howling winds that have washed out coastal roads and buildings have revealed the beams of the 111-year-old ship that was buried in the sands of Rossbeigh beach.

According to the amateur shipwreck database IrishShipwrecks.com, The Sunbeam was a British wooden schooner that ran aground at Rossbeigh in County Kerry during a 1903 voyage to Cork.

The location of the wreck has long been known to local residents -- the boat's gunnel protruded a bit from its sandy grave -- but the old ship's timbers are now revealed in their entirety, making the wreck something of an attraction.

As illustrated by this tweet, the wreck certainly makes for a striking photographic opportunity.

A similar wreck was uncovered this summer in Alabama in the wake of Hurricane Isaac. The storm revealed the remains of an usually buried sailing ship, leading to new questions about the boat's origins, ABC News reported at the time.

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