Florida Shopper Gives Away New Generator To Help Stranger In Hour Of Irma Need

Ramon Santiago insisted Pam Brekke take the machine he'd just bought so she could secure her father’s oxygen supply during the storm.

A shopper in Florida is being hailed as a hero after he selflessly gave away a new generator he had just bought to a woman he thought was more in need.

Ramon Santiago insisted that Pam Brekke take his machine after he saw her burst into tears at a Lowe’s store in the Conway area of Orlando on Thursday, per multiple reports.

With Hurricane Irma barreling toward the region, Brekke had been frantically trawling the area for a generator that she hoped would secure her father’s oxygen supply should his Sanford home lose power.

But after traveling 30 miles to the outlet in a bid to purchase one of its 216 newly delivered generators, she was devastated to find she’d just missed out.

Thankfully, Santiago was on hand to save Brekke’s day. And without even asking her why she was distressed, he handed over his purchase.

WFTV reporter Nancy Alvarez shared heartwarming footage on Facebook Thursday of Brekke effusively thanking Santiago.

“Everything is OK, everything is fine,” Santiago told Brekke as the pair hugged, before she labeled him “a beautiful man.”

The heartwarming video has now garnered more than 13 million views and prompted a plethora of positive comments about Santiago’s good deed.

“God bless his heart. This was beautiful of him,” wrote one Facebook user, while another described Santiago as “an awesome guy.”

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