Irma: Looking into the Eye of a Hurricane

What do you do when facing some of your biggest fears?

With Hurricane Irma just hours away from approaching our Tampa Bay, Florida home, I became inspired to release this impromptu and unedited podcast today.

In it, I reflect about prepping for this mega-sized and unpredictable storm, sharing some of my personal thoughts as a "front row" Floridian. I do a lot more, too, expanding upon the ways in which we can reflect and respond when facing some of our biggest and seemingly insurmountable fears.

Whether you are facing a traditional hurricane like Irma or encountering any of a number of other human fears, expect to find something to uplift, inspire and empower you.

If there’s one thing I look for, it’s how we can find new ways to see things through a better lens -- from the inside out!

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Listen in to Podcast 125 Eye of the Hurricane by clicking right here.

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