This Top-Rated Roomba Robot Vacuum Is $100 Off On Amazon

With over 52,000 five-star ratings, this is one of the most beloved vacuums on the internet.
The Roomba 692 is on deep sale at Amazon right now.
The Roomba 692 is on deep sale at Amazon right now.

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If you could use some extra help around the house, the infamous Roomba 692 robot vacuum is on sale right now for 37% off at Amazon — that’s $100 off its regular price. Plus, let’s face it, everyone could benefit from a little less time spent vacuuming.

This cult-fave robot vacuum cleans for you while you’re out so you can return home to a pristine floor — or so you can catch up on literally any other task (whether that’s cooking or spending some time in front of the TV) while the robo-vacuum does its thing.

The Roomba 692.
The Roomba 692.

It has versatile brushes that pick up everything from dirt and dust to pet hair (including on carpet), and can detect which areas in a home are particularly dirty, like a high-traffic entryway, so it can clean them more thoroughly. When its 90-minute runtime is up, it automatically docks itself to recharge.

It can also connect to your Alexa or Google Assistant device so you can control the vacuum with your voice.

Grab your Roomba 692 from Amazon while it’s still on sale or check out what reviewers have to say:

I don’t know how I lived without this Rumba! I have arthritis and scoliosis and it is so difficult to vacuum and it always made me hurt so I put off vacuuming! I have two dogs who shed so it is imperative that my house gets vacuumed often! Now I just push the button and let it go! I do a room or two per day. It is easy to dump the debris and clean the filter! It does an excellent job and I was skeptical at first because it seemed so random but that doesn’t matter, it gets the job done!” — Bonnie

“I have no answer as to why I waited so long to get one of these. It’s an absolute life saver and worth every penny. I am not spending ANY amount of time on my apartment flooring anymore. None. Zip. I turn it on and go to work. It’s done in about an hour for my small apartment. Buy it. You’re welcome” — RJ

“I’ll start by saying yes it’s loud and yes it wanders around in a seemingly aimless fashion. Sometimes the noise does bother me the way a regular vacuum would. But we have a newborn, a cat, and two people with allergies so this thing is invaluable. We just lift cords and stuff out of the way and let it do its thing once a day. Our floors are impeccably clean. It’s gotten stuck maybe twice but those were cords we left dangling. Otherwise it’s been excellent and really helps keep things clean. We’re very glad we got it.” — Maria Khwaja

My husband and I LOVE this vacuum! OMG I have it connected to Alexa and just tell Alexa to tell Maxi to clean wherever and whenever I want. Amazing, goes over threshholds, area rugs, cords etc. just have to pick up toys and shoes. So easy to empty and wow does it pick up the pet hair and dirt! I love that I can ask Alexa anytime I want to use her or use the app. Easy to set up too!” — yarvet

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