'Iron Man 3' Credits Sequence Could Have Looked Very Different (PHOTOS)

"Iron Man 3" has dialed up $1.2 billion dollars at the international box office, which means quite a large number of eyeballs have enjoyed the movie's credits sequence.

Designers from Prologue Films created the version seen by moviegoers (take a look here), but new images posted on Reddit reveal that doing so was a long process. Ilya Abulhanov, Danny Yount, Ahmet Ahmet, Lisa Bolan, and Monica Perez shared their initial pitches on Reddit this week. See their philosophy and stills from the credits below.

The first presentation we submitted to Shane Black (director of "Iron Man 3") was very rigid and technically ambitious, as you can see by our frames below. In the end, they were more open to ideas that were a little wacked out and fun, as evident by the final product. For this particular pitch we had no brief, which is why our process frames differ so much with the final product. But these were our initial designs- enjoy!

This concept explores the science behind the suit - handed down from Tony''s father and perfected by Tony himself.

At the core of this design exploration are visuals representing a series of tests in what appears to be various interfaces and archival material shot macro. Within this framework there are 2 parallel streams- the science data collected by Tony's father (used by Tony as reference) and the trials and triumphs of Tony's own explorations. This visual compilation appears to occur over several periods of time- from early studies of stress tests and jet propulsion to nuclear fission and nanotechnology- to ultimately the holy grail of the blending of neuroscience and biologically responsive hardware.

There's another unused version of the credits as well:



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