Dad Makes Iron Man Costume For His Preemie Son In The Hospital 'To Help Him Feel Brave'

Dad Eric Hart's 4-month-old son Collier was born premature with underdeveloped lungs and has spent his entire life thus far in the hospital. For Collier's first Halloween, Hart wanted his baby boy to have a costume "that would help him feel brave," he writes in the captions for the video he made to document his son's first October 31st.

It didn't take the dad too long to think of the perfect costume: Iron Man. Just like Collier, Tony Stark needs to be connected to machines to stay alive, Hart explained to The Huffington Post in an email. "Iron Man built his suit because he needed it to keep himself alive, and he became a hero after that. I thought it would be a good inspiration for him."

Hart, who works as a props master for a theater company, found a printable pattern online and scaled it to fit his baby boy.

"Having a baby in the hospital means long periods of physical and emotional exhaustion, so it's important to find little moments of joy to look forward to and remember afterwards," the dad said.

Collier has proven himself to be quite a little fighter. Hart said "there's a lot of ups and downs" in the intensive care nursery, but he hopes his son will be home by Christmas.

We're rooting for you, Collier! And we bet Tony Stark is, too.