Alanis Morissette Ditches Her Tough Image For A Softer Look (PHOTOS)

Some looks never go out of style.

Every angsty teenager in the 1990's knew Alanis Morissette's lyrics by heart. The Canadian singer's unique style, along with her grunge-rock music, inspired a generation of girls to wrap their flannel shirts around their waists and pen angry letters to their scorned lovers. Morissette burst onto the scene with her hit album "Jagged Little Pill" and has since gone on to win seven Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes and 16 Juno Awards (just to name a few). Although her songs like "Ironic" and "You Oughta Know" put her on the map, her long hair, penchant for chokers and "F you" attitude made her a legend.

In this early aughts photo we see Alanis looking uncharacteristically soft (and quite a bit like a young Demi Moore). She is wearing her waist-length hair in her signature center part and she opted for an emerald green dress (it's the perfect color to accent her hazel eyes). But what we really dig is her minimal makeup approach (especially that peachy lip) -- it leaves her looking incredibly natural and fresh.

alanis morissette

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