'Ironside': Blair Underwood Says Don't Call It A Remake

The original "Ironside" may have premiered in 1967, but don't call NBC's new version a remake.

"I tell ya, I never say the word remake because I think it was made once and done brilliantly," Blair Underwood, the star of the 2013 "Ironside," told HuffPost TV at NBC's Upfront presentation. "This is not a remake -- it's a reimagining. I've often said it's like the way George Clooney's Batman is different and Val Kilmer's is different and Christian Bale's. 'Ironside' is a franchise, started here on NBC many years ago."

The original "Ironside" starred Raymond Burr and aired from 1967-1974 on the Peacock network. Both versions follow a police officer who is in a wheelchair after a shooting.

Underwood said it's challenging to do an action role while in a wheelchair. "What's kind of refreshing and unique about our 'Ironside' is that we do have flashbacks," he said. "We do see him often prior to the accident that put him in the wheelchair. That's going to be unique to our version. For me, what's interesting about that is it really informs the character that we're watching. I want to delve into psychologically where is he, emotionally where is he, but it's driven by the case. At the end of the day, it's a cop show."

Watch a preview of "Ironside" below.

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