'Ironside' On NBC: Blair Underwood Previews A Cop With A Different Point Of View (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

NBC may be bringing back "Ironside" this fall, but star Blair Underwood has already made it clear that this is no "remake" of the Raymond Burr classic. Instead, this iteration of "Ironside" is attempting to help viewers see things from a different perspective, as the exclusive video above highlights.

"Everything you need to know about Robert T. Ironside, you can see and notice in the fact that he has no handles on the back of his wheelchair," Underwood says of his iconic character. "I don't want anybody to push me; I don't want anybody to help me -- if I can be independent and do for myself, I'm going to do for myself. It's who this man is."

The charismatic star also brings viewers inside his preparation for the titular role, explaining his personal connection to Ironside's disability and the emotional journey his character will take over the course of the first season.

"It's so different," Underwood recently told HuffPost TV of the new series. "It's a different time, it's all different characters. We, of course, took the branded, iconic name of Robert. T. Ironside -- he is a detective, he is in a wheelchair, but aside from that, everything else is kind of reimagined and rebooted."

"Ironside" premieres Wed., Oct. 2 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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