Here Are Some Of The Most Irrational Reasons Why People Dislike Celebrities

Ugh, celebrities. With their hair and their faces. How dare they have the audacity to breathe, right?

Well no, but we're all guilty of feeling that way about at least one famous person, who we've likely never met. What's worse is that most people are totally aware that their intense dislike for a particular star is completely irrational, but it doesn't matter, you can't shake it.

Over on Reddit, this was one of the topics of discussion Thursday night, and irrational almost doesn't begin to describe why some folks have it out for a handful of Hollywood's biggest stars:

"One of my friend's mom dislikes Nicholas Cage because 'he has puffy gums.' There are so many reasons to dislike (and like!) the man, but his gums!?" -- IsaacAsimovsSideburn


"Drew Barrymore, because of the way she talks out of the side of her mouth. Damn Side-Talkers!"
-- E_Squared


"[Jennifer Garner] comes off like student council." -- Space_Cowboy21


"Taylor Swift's eyebrows bother me. They always have, long before the 'eyebrows on point' stuff. I sing along to her music, but once I see a picture I have to stop." -- dustyr0se


"Benedict Cumberbatch. He always has the slightly-wrong look of 'something was supposed to be on my face but I shaved it off.'"-- DyxlesicEsikom


"Jennifer Lawrence. She plays the internet like a fucking fiddle, and you idiots eat it up." -- ut95


"Beyonce. Fucking hate Beyonce. Why? because whenever she walks, she kinda does a weird stomp/model walk. I've never seen her be casual and it pisses the everliving fuck out of me." -- salahelbat


"I HATE Kate Upton. I just don't find her attractive, and I think she is annoying. I might just hate her cause her boobs are SO MUCH bigger than mine. I accept this about myself. :)" --CaptainsPrettyPistol


"Brad Pitt. I have no idea why, I've just hated his face since I first saw him in 'Thelma & Louise' years ago. What makes it so irrational is that I KNOW he's a good actor. I have enjoyed his films. But, god...his face. I can't stand his stupid square-jawed, pouty-lipped, beady-eyed mug. So many women I've talked to are really attracted to him, but I'd honestly rather sleep with a cactus than to see that face grunting and sweating over me during coitus." -- Eolond


"I love me some 'Jeopardy' but come on, Alex is a little high horsey for a dude with all the damn answers right in his hand. Oh, you can name that obscure Russian poet with a perfect accent? HOW DID YOU EVER MANAGE THAT, ALEX? I didn't know they taught "reading" in Canada. Fuck." -- soomuchcoffee


Those are some pretty silly reasons and we'll pose the same question. What is the most irrational reason you have for disliking a celebrity?

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