Is a Style Consultant Necessary?

As we lead up to the Oscars 2016 -- the biggest awards show in the Hollywood calendar -- we take a look at a few red carpet looks that argue the case of the stylist.
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Style consultants make a living by making sure their clients look good. The best style consultants or stylists go even further and make sure that their clients make a great impression.

We know that this can mainly be something that women invest in as they do have many more fashion options out there, but should men invest in them too? Most men develop their own personal style as they grow up and unlike women tend to be pretty content with the image they're portraying to the world.

As we lead up to the Oscars 2016 -- the biggest awards show in the Hollywood calendar -- we take a look at a few red carpet looks that argue the case of the stylist:

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Case 1 - Jason Sudeikis is a celebrated actor but we think he looks a little confused here. It looks like he was dressed to go to a basketball game with his friends but was told he had to attend an award show first.

A good style consultant would advise against wearing sport trainers with a suit, especially on a red carpet!

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Case 2 -- Alan Cummings. You'd think that after playing the super suave Eli Gold on 'The Good Wife', he would be well versed in art of suit etiquette. Unfortunately, he looks more like he belongs in a JLo video as a back-up dancer than he does on the red carpet!

A knowledgeable stylist would advise against stretchy trousers and space boots under most circumstances!

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Case 3 -- Ricky Gervais clearly read our earlier post on not wearing trainers with suits but we're not sure why he's smiling so much! The 'construction' style boots he's wearing are hardly any better. Add to that the fact that Ricky has buttoned the second button on his blazer (a no-no in most cases!) and you have a fashion faux-pas that could have been so easily avoided.

An insightful stylist would be able to spot the subtle tweaks needed to take an outfit from drab to dapper.

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Case 4 -- Wiz Khalifa, hip-hop rapper with his own unique sound. His choice of outfit on the red carpet, reminds us exactly why bespoke tailoring truly matters. We can only guess that he decided to attend this event at the last minute and this was the only suit he could get off the rack. Wiz has his wrists, forearms, ankles and shins on full show. Yes, we're not quite sure what's going on either!

Any stylist (or indeed anyone) would recommend against wearing anything that doesn't fit you properly, especially in front of a million flashing cameras!

Investing in a style consultant or stylist to make sure you're putting your best foot forward is a wise move. Be mindful of making sure you seek out those with a great track record who can help identify what will work best for you.

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