Go Topless Day: Is America Ready For Topless Sunbathing?

In Spain, topless sunbathing is so popular that all beaches legally allow it. It's time politicians here catch up with Europe and allow equal rights.
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Sunday, August 26th, marks the 5th anniversary of Go Topless Day. This day reminds women to try topless sunbathing and marks the 41st anniversary of Women's Equality Day. Many people forget it was illegal for American women to vote until August 26th, 1920. They had to protest and fight for their right to be treated like men and vote.

This Sunday, many women will advocate for their equal rights by sunbathing topless. Why not?

Most Americans are behind the idea of equal rights and for giving women the right to topless sunbathe. A survey at The Gloss website last year showed that 80% of American women would like to topless sunbathe. And only 12% were too self conscious or thought it was wrong. The others were unsure.

The U.S. has many groups advocating for special use recreational areas and governments at all levels designate land for their unique enjoyment. There are municipal golf courses, tennis courts, horse back riding and bike trails as well as city-owned playgrounds, baseball, basketball, football and soccer fields. Some cities even run ice skating rinks, skateboard parks and bowling alleys.

There are thousands and thousands of beaches all across America where people wear bathing suits.

It seems every special interest group gets to have land set aside for them to use except for topless sunbathers. I suppose this makes them underserved taxpayers.

Do you think topless sunbathing is wrong? Well back in the 1930's, American prudes in positions of power thought the idea of a man taking off his shirt at a beach in the US was out of line and immoral.

Yes, the politicians and preachers in that backwards era felt they had to impose their own personal prejudices and agendas by making it illegal for men to be shirtless in public. They wrongly said they had a civic and/or godly duty to protect women and children from the sight of men's bare chests.

These prudes of course were wrong and out of touch with the average citizen. Thousands of men started protesting shirtless at the beaches on the east coast in the mid 1930's. Hundreds were arrested. But, by the late 1930's, politicians and judges had matured and realized it was not shameful or ungodly to see a man at the beach without a shirt.

Fast forward to 2012. Go to any beach or park in Europe and on any warm, sunny day and you will find lots of topfree sunbathing. No one cares.

In Spain, topless sunbathing is so popular that all beaches legally allow it. It's time politicians here catch up with Europe and allow equal rights. Everyone should legally be able to go to a topless beach that is designated by signs and sunbathe without having to wear a top or shirt.

This Sunday, American women are encouraged to try topless sunbathing or just to go topless at home or in your back yard. It is such a freeing, fun experience. You don't have to worry about ill fitting bathing suit tops and funny tan lines. Plus, it's a great way to boost your self esteem. When a woman sees others happily topless sunbathing, they quickly realize that Hugh Hefner's Playboy idea of what constitutes "perfect breasts' is just a school boy's fantasy created by plastic surgeons.

So try something new and fun this Sunday, August 26th and Go Topless. You'll love the freedom!

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