Is Anybody Hearing About the Problems of Young Greeks?

For one more time Greece is a champion at unemployment as according to figures released by Eurostat, the percentage of young people without job is 50,3 %.

Maybe someone reading this information can see only a number but we, Greeks, face every entire day the consequences of this percentage.

I have described at previous posts the situation: insecurity, stress which many times leads to depression, young people under 30 without any ambition, people who leaved their home in order to study but they returned to their parents as they cannot find a job, terrible working conditions with a salary that does not exceed the 500 euros monthly and so many others.

All the time I meet disappointed people either from the job they do not have, or from the job they have. I don't really know what can be done. I don't know how young people will survive in a bankrupted country which shows its darkest face at the citizens of all ages, I don't know how much longer retired parents can maintain their jobless children as the pensions are getting lower almost every month while the taxes rise, I don't know how this country will be in few years. But I know that in the streets of the greek capital the signs of bankruptcy are recognizable everywhere. You can see them in the way people drive their cars, in the way they walk and of course in their eyes.

Last February I visited London and when I returned I told to my friends: "At last I saw smiling people at the streets and the public transport". I was really impressed as in Athens very rare you can see happy faces.

I'm very sorry about writing these lines but honestly, I want to make my voice heard outside the greek borders. I want to make people who do not live in Greece but hear about the crisis from news, understand that all this information is not only about numbers. We have to do with human lives that increasingly sink into the darkness of the economic crisis.