Is Apple Developing Computer Glasses?

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Is Apple working to produce computer glasses?
Many insiders believe so, as the company recently hired wearable computer expert Richard DeVaul. DeVaul is known for his contributions to the Memory Glasses, a pair of glasses that uses technology to increase one's memory.

Samsung is readying an iPad competitor.
The company hopes to make the a slate computer that is more powerful than the iPad, possibly utilizing an Atom-based chipset. The more powerful tablet would also include multiple inputs and outputs that would provide more usability to consumers.

Facebook has topped Google as the most visited site in the US.
A massive surge in social network usage pushed Facebook to the number one spot last week, with a hit count over 185% more than the same week last year. Is it a fluke, or is Facebook really more popular than Google?

CBS is making all regional NCAA games available online.
Previously regional games would only air on CBS, making it impossible for many fans to catch their favorite teams in the tournament. Users are ecstatic about the decision which brings live, high-quality streaming to the NCAA tournament for free.

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