Is Apple Near The End Of Their Run?

Is Apple near the end of their run?

Apple has become the number one trusted brand for computers and cell phones. People buy their products because they know what they are getting and they are easy to use. The early innovation of Apple has helped them get to where they are today. Now I am starting to wonder if they have hit a plateau based on their recent releases. In this article I will discuss why I think they are in this position.

The iPhone 7

I recently published an article about the iPhone 7 and how it is not much different than the iPhone 6. To me this release was a major fail and Apple took a step backwards in some areas. People are starting to figure out the Apple marketing phone release plan. Lets see how many people opt to get the 7s with an enhance Siri and slightly faster processor.

The MacBook Pro 2016

I had a Macbook Pro 2011 for a long time and it was a solid easy to use machine that had great battery life. The new Macbook took a risk and that may not pay off as Consumer Reports are advising people to stay away from the latest Macbook. They put a new track pad in there that looks cool but is not necessary and the computers are having major battery issues. When you spend that kind of money on a laptop, having poor battery life in unacceptable and Apple will have to respond in a big way to overcome this now that the word is out.

To sum it up

I think Apple has built enough brand loyalty to overcome both of these products and people will continue to buy their newest products and invest in the company. I am not a personal fan of Apple products but I do not think this company will be losing a big market share anytime soon. With that being said, I do think there is a big opportunity for another player to make some noise and take advantage of Apple’s shortcomings.