Is <em>Avatar</em> a "Recruiting Film for Eco Terrorists?"

Isa "Recruiting Film for Eco Terrorists?"
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Red County Blogger: Avatar is Subliminal Eco Propaganda!

...Actually, what Dr. (of what) Richard Swier says is far worse, and far more laughable:

Dr. ThinkTooMuchOughtaGetOutsideForSomeFreshAir's whole article is about how Avatar has a hidden "let's live in harmony with our own planet earth for the sake of our children" agenda. Say it ain't so!
My guess: James Cameron will repent right around the same time that Tiger Woods gets himself some Brit Hume-worthy forgiveness.

Excerpt via Red County:

I saw it as pure eco-propaganda released to coincide with the end of the U.N. climate conference in Copenhagen. Just like Copenhagen this movie is a flop in terms of content and outcomes. However, AVATAR and Copenhagen are both successes because they are part of the never ending propaganda movement to "save the planet" from you and me, the evil human beings. Just as AVATAR is science fiction, human caused global warming science is a fraud. But both live on in spite of bad reviews, scientific facts, and negative public opinion.

AVATAR is pure eco-propaganda designed to subtly and not so subtly force the environmentalist agenda on us all. The story line in AVATAR is simple: Humans invade the pristine planet Pandora with the intent to take all its natural resources for profit.

Did you get the Pandora analogy? You know, by extracting natural resources we are opening Pandora's box and thereby releasing all the evils of mankind. When Pandora closed the box she left only hope inside.

Several times in the movie the comment is made that planet earth is a wasteland and that is why humans are seeking minerals on other planets like Pandora. Of course Pandora is inhabited by primitive tribes of the Na'vi race (akin to the "Elves" of the Earth Liberation Front) who are in touch with nature and their "mother" planet. The Na'vi physically link, much like a computer, with various animals, plants, and of course trees, all kinds of trees. Trees and animals are the spiritual symbols of environmentalists, particularly those groups involved in eco-terrorism...

Don't bother with outraged comments. I'm filing this one under "comedy."

Bonus: "Proud Flag-Waving Communists and Socialists March in Copenhagen to Stop Global Warming"

And the Avatar trailer, for the two of you who, like me, hadn't yet seen it:

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