Is Bush Actually Mad?

I mean, functionally insane?

Or something close enough? How else explain his pronouncement yesterday that the chaos and horror in Iraq is the handiwork of Al Queda--and that any notion of "civil war" simply should be dismissed with a snort. A Bush-snort.

This is Bush just being Bush, is it? Stubbornly sticking to "his version of things" in the face of any--make that "all"--facts to the contrary?

Excuse me, but how can the care of this country, and beyond, be left in the hands of a man who behaves effectively like a doctor in an emergency room insisting that germs don't cause infections and blood does not circulate?

This planet cannot survive two more years of a President and administration so stubbornly--insanely--oblivious to reality. The Constitution provides that when such a state of affairs comes to pass, there is a solution: Impeachment.

Impeachment as a form of intervention, as it were. Like, say, what Charlie Sheen's friends did for him when our man was in such trouble with drink and drugs some years ago?

Charlie W. Bush. Because Bush is not going to change his catastrophic ways one iota. His pledge for bipartisanship is just pure crap. All Bush pledges and pronouncements have always been 99 percent crap. Bush has his agenda and that's it, dressed up in whatever nicey-nice language will fly. Bush will stay his course till he is physically wrestled away from the wheel. Bush is fit matter for a pathologist, not a historian.

And after impeachment, the Hague, please. You do not get to lie your country into invading and destroying other countries, and no fine imposed. No you don't. Oh no you don't.

And yes, America can impeach and try to deal with Iraq simultaneously. The two go hand in hand: because Bush will impede any policy that doesn't match his bubble-world fantasia.

I've been travelling overseas a lot, and people ask: How can America have gotten to such a place?

I think the answer lies in a kind of perfect storm of overlapping agendas: Bush's class bias; his personal shallowness, ineptness, and pathological narcissism (public reality reduced to the feelings in his gut) (how such a gutless man always invokes his gut, eh?)--all armor-plated and abetted by his distorted and demented misconstruction of religion. Add Cheney's Strangelovian monomania of President-as-Tyrant, along with the Neo-Con project, which Rove has hitched onto for his political purposes; and a media that comprehends only celebrity and entertainment. A media which finds war and its quasi-fascist (sorry, the q-f word applies, I think) flagflapping just the ratings/ad-selling ticket.

All these have come together in a force 10 gale from hell, a megatyphoon of Constitution-flaunting radicalism. As Craig Paul Roberts says, America needs to impeach the Bush bunch to preserve this country as a constitutional democracy.

Do read a couple recent articles, if you haven't already: Mark Danner's hair-raising epic in the New York Review of Books, of the incompetence, mindlessness and militarized messianism that made for the invasion of Iraq. And the Boston Globe piece about what to expect further from Cheney, namely, more of the Nixon-was-right same, till the moon turns blue or blows up in the sky.

And I trust you're aware of David Addington, the torture-happy nutball (pardon my French) who's Cheney's second-in-command, another of those ghouls in the shadows behind the most obnoxious policies that are dragging this country into the darkness?

Enough already. Intervention time. Right now. Period. Sign me up for whatever it takes.

And may the Bush twins be called to open a fun bar in Iraq. In Basra, maybe, in the Shiite south.

So what beers you got?