Is Cheating An Instant Deal-Breaker?

Most cheaters will repeat the cycle if they know you’re going to take them back.
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We all make mistakes, right? Well, while that may be true, there are some mistakes that aren’t as forgivable as others. A prime example: infidelity. In an age where cheating is becoming somewhat glamorized in various forms of media, some people are beginning see infidelity as normal, but to others, it’s still seen as one of the ultimate forms of disrespect.

All too often, I hear men and women say how they wouldn’t leave their significant other if they cheated, because it’s something that’s “expected” to happen when you’re in a serious, long-term relationship. I personally think that having that mindset is asinine. I’m only 24, but I’ve done quite a bit of dating and like many people, have been cheated on before. For me, cheating is an instant deal breaker. There is no excuse or justification for stepping out of your relationship, and there’s no way that I’ll believe anyone when they say that it was just an “accident.” You don’t accidentally go out of your way to meet up with someone, take your clothes off, and have sex. Those are all things that are consciously done. If you ask me, excusing this kind behavior and forgiving your significant other could just be you setting yourself up for a cycle of being cheated on, forgiving, and being cheated on again.

Yes, there are men and women who have cheated once and allegedly never cheated again, but most people will repeat the cycle if they know you’re going to take them back after it’s all said and done.

If you were to consider giving your cheating lover a second chance, knowing your worth as a person is a key factor. Most times, when you’re confident in yourself and know that you’re a great catch, you simply won’t stand for the disrespect. You’ll realize that someone really loves you will have eyes for no one but you. Yes, there will be times where the flame may not be as bright as when you initially started dating, but that’s when you work on ways to reignite the fires of love and passion.

In my opinion, if you feel unhappy in your relationship for any reason at all, you should have the respect to let your significant other know so that the issue can be directly addressed and the two of you can see if there’s some form of resolution to be had. If not, then you can agree to either take a break or go your separate ways, but cheating is an unacceptable course of action in my eyes and it almost always causes more harm than good.

All in all, many people may try to justify infidelity by saying their needs weren’t met or they feel like their partner wasn’t doing the things that they used to do. In these cases, communicate with your partner – it’s one of the most important aspects of any relationship. It may seem difficult to potentially hurt your partner’s feelings by telling them something they may not want to hear, but it’s a lot better than completely ruining the life you’ve built, or are beginning to build, and breaking their heart in the process. Putting time and effort into fixing the issue is better than attempting to find short lived, meaningless fun that could make you lose the love of your life.