Is Chicago Chiraq?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Alderman William Burns are really upset about Film Maker Spike Lee's intention to film a movie about Chicago called Chiraq. It also appears that Alderman William Burns would like to take back the three million dollar tax credit the city provided to Spike Lee because the name of the movie is causing controversy. Mayor Rahm Emanuel should not be in a position to dictate what Spike Lee decides to name his movie. Remember that Rahm was exposed for arranging special scenes in the CNN Chicago-Land Mini Series.

Chicago has a long history of violence and more people have been killed in this city compared to the entire Iraqi War. Some critics may worry about how the city's reputation will be damaged, but its reputation is already damaged because violence is out of control. Chiraq is a good title for the movie because Chicago is a war zone, especially on the south and west sides. Thousands of African American youth have been killed over the last ten years and the homicide rate continues to climb. Spike Lee is a seasoned movie producer and there is a chance that he will show all aspects of the problem in Chicago. Hopefully the movie will have a good balance and show how some people are really trying to help reduce violence.

When you wage war on another country, you are expected to have some casualties, but not in one of the greatest cities in the United States. Chicago is the home of President Barack Obama and one of the best cities in the world. This city has a label being very violent because violence soars when the weather changes. Maybe the movie Chiraq will bring about a better understanding of why this city is so violent.

Chicago's violent history goes all the way back to the Al Capone and John Dillinger Days. I'm sure the Mayor of Chicago, back then, would not have tried to intervene in one of the Hollywood Producers from naming a movie Public Enemy or the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. The Chicago Police Department cannot stop the shootings on the front end before people are killed. The majority of violence prevention programs also appear after a killing. Hopefully the violence will end soon in Chicago, but the movie cannot and will not harm the city at all. The truth also stands for the Conceal and Carry Law in Chicago. The majority of shootings and killings are committed by people with illegal guns. There is no data to back up the fact that the legal gun owners are part of the gun violence problem in Chicago.