Is Christie Brinkley Guilty of Child Abuse?

Is Christie Brinkley Guilty of Child Abuse?
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The tabloids are full of stories trumpeting Christie's "Slam Dunk" victory over Horndog husband Peter Cook.

But who is thinking about the welfare of Jack, 13, and Sailor, 10?

The eventual price paid by these young children --- because of Brinkley's anger and desire for revenge --- is going to be way too high.

Not that there is anything to defend about Peter Cook's behavior. But in the end who cares about these narcissistic parents?

The welfare of the young children is what Brinkley and Cook-- and the judge-- should be concerned about, and this is what has been grossly neglected in this nasty spectacle.

Psychiatrists must have told Brinkley that an open trial would be terrible for the kids. But, the perfect mother didn't pay any attention to them.

The court appointed psychiatrists told her that she must find a way of dealing with her anger and desire for revenge. But, Brinkley was cool to the idea.

The lawyer, Theresa Mari, appointed to represent Jack and Sailor, vigorously opposed Brinkley's quest for an open trial.... with its accompanying public airing of salacious details.... but her arguments were not listened to.

Brinkley's justified rage and her behavior can perhaps be excused because of Cook's betrayal... The real villain is Judge Mark D. Cohen who decided that the argument that an open trial would harm the children was "unsupported speculation".

What planet is he living on?

Could the learned judge ever find support from any mental health professional for this incredible opinion? His position verges on the criminal. Perhaps he wanted his 15 minutes of personal fame?

All divorce trials with young children involved should be private affairs... for the welfare of the children. This is the only thing we should be worrying about. All the rest is nonsense and none of our business.

The eventual toll of the public trial on these two young kids will be terrible for the rest of their lives. Everybody knows this.

Kids at this critical age need to identify with both parents and need to love them equally.

If one parent trashes the other, what they are doing is irreparably harming their own children for selfish reasons, according to psychiatrists. Kids, who are undermined like this, will eventually have trouble forming stable relationships.

A public trial "teaches the children that the parents are not really adults. The parents are just large children." said Dr. Michael Bradley, on "Good Morning America" "To go into a situation where there's a war between two parents saying terrible things about each other ... is a disaster. Now the kids have to develop a relationship with these two people they very much love, and they can't see these two people they love hate each other."

If Brinkley's selfish behavior in demanding an open trial..... with a public airing of marital trash of is not abusive ....... then I don't know what it is.

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