Is Coffee Bad Or Good For Your Health? Two Experts Debate

09/19/2012 08:26am ET | Updated September 20, 2012

It's been linked to decreased risk of skin and prostate cancers. It might lower depression risk in women. It could protect you from Type 2 diabetes. It might stave off Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. And it tastes good.

Uh, where do we sign up?

Over the past few years, a body of scientific evidence has built up pointing to the many health benefits of coffee. No wonder more than 50 percent of Americans enjoy a daily java fix. But before you grab a celebratory cup of joe (or seven), consider this: Coffee is also an addictive stimulant that could come with enough side effects to give some experts the jitters.

We sensed a serious debate, er, brewing. And so we asked HuffPost Wellness Editor Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald and HuffPost blogger Mark Hyman, M.D., to break down both sides of the coffee debate.