Is Doing Laundry More Important Than Your Happiness?

* * * P A R T * O F * T H E * S E R I E S * * *
* * * P A R T * O F * T H E * S E R I E S * * *

I find myself saying this a lot lately to the women in my world (and sometimes to myself.) Your mojo is not an indulgence, it's a necessity.

The yoga class. The dinner out with a girlfriend. The 20-minute walk around your neighborhood, alone. The long, hot shower. The weekend away with your partner. The afternoon of writing your book. The morning run.

According to Merriam-Webster, the dictionary peeps, mojo is "a power that may seem magical and that allows someone to be very effective, successful, etc."

YES, please. And our mojo is our fire within. Our passion and vitality. The thing that fuels us onward in life, that brings us fulfillment and joy.

Our mojo is not an indulgence, it's a necessity.

When recently hosting a group coaching call, I found myself asking the smart, ambitious, lovely women in the group, "When did it become okay for the laundry to be more important than tending to our spirit?"

Laundry can be a metaphor... you fill in whatever "should" or "to-do" list item runs your day. And ask yourself, how the F did that start to take over?

When you shine even the smallest light, the littlest bit of attention, back on you gorgeous mojo that is waiting patiently for you, you'll be amazed at the depth of how awesome you really are. Truly.

I know it can be hard in our culture, where the value on productivity and busyness is so high. I know I can fall into that laundry trap as well.

But, really and truly, your mojo is not an indulgence. It. Is. A. Necessity.

The walk, the book, the quiet moment, the candle lit, the glass of wine, the dance. Blow a little air onto that ember. Even when things feel hard, your mojo can support you.

Not only will you find more joy and passion, so will those around you, breathing in your fresh mojo glow. You deserve it. You need it. Your family will thank you. Your work will feel easier. The world will be brighter.

Let the laundry wait. Wear dirty underwear for a day if you have to. It won't kill you. But, losing your mojo will... slowly you'll fade away. Pay attention to that mojo within. It needs you. And you need it.

Sage B. Hobbs helps women get their mojo back, so they can live powerfully and happily. She's a coach, writer, and speaker, as well as a mom of two, a cancer survivor, a lover of yoga, a proud teacher's wife, a world traveler, an avid reader, and a living room dance party aficionado. She believes living a badass + brilliant life should be both fun and impactful, and that empowered women really can change the world. Read more here