Is Donald Trump The New Ronald Reagan?

Here's the situation.

We've got a Democrat President who's widely considered weak and feckless by our allies and enemies.

He's forever traveling the world and apologizing for America. He seems to think America has a lot to apologize for and he's the man to be apologetic.

He doesn't think America is anything special in the grand scheme of things and certainly doesn't support any ideas of American exceptionalism.

He hob-nobs and fraternizes gleefully with some of the worst dictators and despots. He seems to enjoy their company.

He's presided over a flaccid economy getting worse and worse with every new stimulus, every new Presidential decree. Gas, energy, food and any other prices that are dependent on the price of gasoline have skyrocketed.

While jobless, homeless and poverty-stricken Americans suffer, this Democratic Party stalwart is laser-focused on the environment, regulating anything that works, open borders and other Liberal-nonsense causes that don't matter a damn without a strong military, national security and an economy that can take care of all Americans.

He loathes the middle class--perhaps the constituency he's hurt the most--and he's a class-warrior against the rich and successful job-creators.

The Russians and Iranians are taking clear advantage of him and holding Americans hostage because, well, he's shown them no mettle whatsoever. Of course, they think they can toy with and manipulate the USA because he's consistently proved himself a feeble, shiftless ally and an enemy unworthy of worry.

And, America's only hope is a savior ... a rescuer ... someone to ride in on a tall horse with a big, white hat.

Now, you might think I'm talking about 2016 and Barack Obama. It might seem that I'm proposing that rescuer is Donald Trump.

But psych: The above scenario is not this year but 1979 and the wobbly President I'm characterizing is not Obama, but Jimmy Carter.

They're remarkably similar.

If you don't know Carter and weren't alive or aware during his horrible tenure, KNOW THIS: he's widely considered one of the worst Presidents in history, even surpassing the drunken administration of Ulysses S. Grant in ineptitude. At least Grant had the excuse of being drunk.

Yes, Jimmy Carter's in the responsible history books as a terrible President, until right now, and this President. Now Obama gives Carter a run for his incompetent money.

I was alive for both Carter and Obama and my own opinion is that Obama is worse, much worse. It's because of Obama's arrogance; that what separates him from the pathetic Carter.

Regardless of the current coincidental nature of American politics, we find our American souls in the exact same place we were in 1979. With a monumental decision to make. A decision of such great, sweeping importance, that it cannot possibly be overstated.

While America is lucky to have survived eight years of the current President, another four years of 'Clintobama' heresy would do irreparable harm to our country.

But let not your heart be troubled, there is hope.

Watching Donald Trump yesterday, firmly handling the obsequious, little, President of Mexico who is disesteemed by more than 80% of his own people, Trump reminded me of Ronald Reagan.

Strong but gentle, unyielding but listening, in firm command but not unreasonable, Trump dominated his diminutive former detractor, now servile host. Enrique Pena Nieto looked cringing and compliant, his small stature not only apparent in height but in the overall conversation.

Serves Nieto right for comparing Trump to Hitler and Mussolini. That was only in March of this year and now Nieto is inviting and welcoming Donald Trump to Mexico to meet? Is a single-digit approval rating just around the corner for Nieto?

This Machiavellian treatment of Donald Trump by Nieto in conjunction with the horrendous former president Vicente Fox's vulgarities bespeaks the overall Clinton strategy for demeaning Trump and his ideas.

Hillary Clinton has very effectively rallied her media minions and surrogates to regularly and dishonestly compare Trump to Hitler. Watch as a Clinton-inspired CBS, the shrill Jorge Ramos, Bill Maher and other political muckraking liars compare Donald Trump to Hitler.

They could all retain some credibility and respect if, at the same time as they denigrate Trump, they were to compare Hillary Clinton to Josef Stalin or Mao Tse-Tung, a much closer and painfully accurate comparison.

These comparisons to Hitler are the same crap these 'people' (and I use the term loosely) applied to George W. Bush and to Ronald Reagan before him. They simply want to con the American people, those few that are still watching them on CBS News, HBO and Univision (e.g. not many), into voting for their chosen candidate, the tired, dishonest and out-of-touch Hillary.

But their playbook never changes. They do the same thing over and over.

And Americans always wise-up to their political vandalism.

Ronald Reagan was said to be a lot of the same things by dishonest Liberals and their lapdog media trying to retain power and the Carter White House.

"Dangerous," they called him.

"Don't want his fingers on the nuclear button," they warned.

"He'll start a war," was shouted regularly.

"He's dangerously out-of-touch," they clucked like Chicken Little.

"He's too old; he's senile," said they.

And they were all wrong.

Ronald Reagan proved them all liars.

All he did was fix the economy, cut taxes, create jobs, strengthen the military and give Americans something to be proud about again. He completely turned around the American psychology single-handedly.

And Reagan also dispensed with the "Evil Empire" but simply calling them that great phrase at the Brandenberg Gate. That was the very first step: calling our enemies out for what they were. And the Soviet Union came crashing down with a little additional Reagan push. This reminds me of Obama's reticence to call ISIS what they really are so we can begin to destroy them. Hell, he even calls them a different name from most other Americans, ISIL. Enough of his weak-kneed wordplay.

All anyone on the Left could do was call Reagan names and try to frighten people away from him.

All Ronald Reagan did was outsmart them all.

After Trump's brass-ring win yesterday morning in Mexico, all he did was go on to give one of the best political speeches in my memory. Clearly outlining in strong defiance to Liberals' constant whine that he's not specific enough, Trump detailed 10 principles and exactly how he would solve this country's indefatigable, 50-year, immigration conundrum.

I'd enjoy seeing Hillary address the nation with such specificity, but she can't do it. She incapable.

Trump's speech last night was Reagan-esque.

When Reagan left office after eight years of political struggle and changing the American landscape, he gave a speech. His "Shining City On Upon A Hill" speech was eloquent, profound, perfect.

Not that Trump's speech approached this American icon's last talk to a grateful nation before moving on into his unfortunate Alzheimer's. But evident to me were shades of Reagan in Trump.

And so I draw a strong, accurate comparison between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. One had such great potential and delivered and the other wants to deliver. I hope the American people give him the chance. He won't let us down.

The next time you hear some horrible comparison or disparaging words about Trump (and it will be about, oh, five seconds from right now), ignore them and know the person spewing them knows nothing. Knows nothing about history; knows nothing about American ideals; knows nothing about Ronald Reagan; and certainly knows nothing about Donald J. Trump.

Perhaps when enough people learn to ignore our swindling politicians, their dishonest media and crooked manipulations, then we can all get back to the hard work and difficult challenge of fixing America.

Yes, America needs to be remade, refashioned and refreshed to be returned Reagan's "Shining City Upon A Hill" once again.

But somebody will have to come riding in on a tall horse wearing a big, white hat.

Could that be Donald Trump?