Is Eco-Fashion Full of Scrap? Watch and Find Out

This new video from Tonlé, an ethical fashion brand in Cambodia, highlights a big problem in our world.... excessive waste. Tonlé's campaign points out that every year 100 million pounds of textiles worldwide are thrown away, which equals the weight of 14 cruise ships. By finding a way to use those fabric scraps to create new products, Rachel Faller and her team at Tonlé are able to create jobs, make products that appeal to the ethical consumer, and make money.... all from scraps that mainstream factories were going to throw away.

Another fashion brand that is designed to keep beautiful raw materials out of landfills is Elvis & Kresse, a U.K. based luxury line of bags and belts that are produced from recycled fire hoses. On a regular basis the U.K. fire department decommissions their old fire hose, meaning tons of hose is ending up in the landfill... or at least it was until Elvis & Kresse came along! They are able to not only save this material from landfills but also make Harrods-worthy products out of it, all while giving 50 percent of the profits back to The Firefighters Charity.

I tip my hat to these entrepreneurs who are finding ways to lighten our waste and make beauty from scrap. Visit Tonlé's Kickstater Page if you want to learn more about this problem in the fashion sector and to vote with your money by supporting more ethical brands.