Is Eva Longoria Dating Mark Sanchez?

By Michael Lopez

Sorry Zac Efron, it looks like Eva Longoria may be hooking up with Jets' quarterback Mark Sanchez. Our favorite Desperate Housewife has been a hot commodity since splitting with Eduardo Cruz and now it seems she's set her eyes on Mark!
According to the latest tabloid reports, the two are "testing the waters" of a new relationship. Longoria has already been spotted on the east coast, spending time in Sanchez’ New Jersey neighborhood.

The two were also seen on a dinner date, although Eva tried to throw off the press by donning a fake blonde wig. So far, the sparks seem to be flying. In fact, it is rumored that Longoria and Sanchez took off on a Caribbean vacation this week.

We, for one, think they make a great couple and Mark seems to fit all of Eva's qualifications. As we know from her past relationships, Longoria loves younger men (she's 37, he's 25) and has a history of dating star athletes.

Do you think Eva and Mark make a cute couple? Sound off in the comments or @MTV3.

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