Is George Bush a Democratic Mole in the Republican Party?

The New York Times ran a chart based on a survey by Pew Research Center of more than 23,000 Americans that compared party identification with who was president when each person reached the age of 20, the age at which most Americans begin to form their personal political beliefs. The results are dramatic. People who come of age when the president is a Democrat are more likely to identify with the Democratic Party for the rest of their lives, and people who come of age when a Republican is in the White House are more likely to become life-long Republicans. The only major exception was during the Nixon years, when support for the Democrats increased...the only exception, that is, until now. The Pew survey shows that the Americans who are currently most likely to support the Democrats are those in the youngest age group, those who reached the age of 20 during the presidency of George W. Bush. In other words, George W. Bush is the greatest recruiting tool the Democratic Party has ever had. No wonder the Democrats don't want to impeach him.

So the question is: Is George W. Bush really a Democratic mole who has infiltrated deep inside the ranks of the Republican Party in order to destroy that party from within? If this is the case, he is doing a great job.