Is Giuliani's Daughter Ditching His Name?

Rudy Giuliani's kids, Andrew and Caroline, certainly didn't hide their disdain for their father and his latest wife Judith Nathan while he was running for President. Now that he's out of the race, his daughter Caroline has decided to forgo his last name for a shorter stage name. The Daily News says that Caroline hasn't "forsaken" her father's name, but according the report it looks like she sure isn't using promoting it publicly.

Good news for Rudy Giuliani: His estranged daughter, Caroline, has not forsaken his name. A Harvard alumni mag this month referred to her as Caroline Hanover, suggesting she's now using the name of her mother, Donna Hanover. Caroline, a student actress, tells The News' David Saltonstall: "People may make a mistake because I am so close to my mom, but I use my birth name [Caroline Rose] on a regular basis and occasionally Caroline Rose G. in the theater." She'll take a bow as Caroline Rose next week when she stars in a Harvard freshman production of "The Castaways."