Is Having a Blog or a Website Make You More Organized?

I am a creative person and I like doing a lot of things in life. I think the majority of people nowadays have multiple interests that might or might not be a part of their professional area of expertise. Trying different creative things like photography, filmmaking, creative writing, music composing, singing can help us find some hidden talents and open the road to our full self-realization. Creativity can be also used as a way of stress relief and pavement to a more harmonious life. Once you've found your talents and interests, it's important not to lose them. One thing that can prevent you from further pursuing and developing your talents is....not laziness, but a mess. And I know it from my own experience.

I am keenly interested in photography, filmmaking, learning languages, writing poems, short stories and essays. No matter how I love doing these things, there were times when I hardly did anything. At first I thought I could be only truly devoted to doing one thing and, thus, had to make a choice; then I was looking for inspiration (which for some reason wouldn't come until I actually started doing something). Now I can say for sure that a proverb "Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration" is absolutely true. And one person can be simultaneously interested and be good at different things. The major problem for me was to keep everything in order and to have things organized, but I didn't know how to do it properly. I would post something on Facebook, then forget about it; after some time I would share something half done with my friends and then put it aside... It continued like this until one of my friends suggested that I should start my own blog. I was reluctant to the idea at first as I didn't know where to start from and I thought it would be overly technical.

Time passed by and I've decided to follow my friend's advice and have my own blog. I began simply with the Google asking "how to start your own blog". Step by step I set up my WordPress blog. It took some time and patience to find the appropriate information, but it was not difficult at all. Having a WordPress blog has helped me a lot in terms of organizing my creative work into categories, so that I could clearly see what I've accomplished and what I need to do further. It also motivated me to post something new, and, thus, actually work on an article, new poem or a photo project.

With the advent of new technology and online resources, it has become easier than ever to set up your own blog. Even creating a website isn't as complicated as it might sound. All you have to do is to find the best WordPress Hosting online, choose the plan according to your needs and with a few easy to follow steps your website will be ready. No matter whether you decide to start with the blog or website, things are going to get more organized and will make life much easier, especially if you are a creative person.