Is HBO's 'Silicon Valley' A Critique Of Sexism Or Just Sexist?

The morning after HBO’s "Silicon Valley" premiered, I happened to be visiting the DropBox offices in SOMA (mission creep from the Silicon Valley is drawing more and more of the tech industry north and into San Francisco proper). As I waited in the visitor’s lounge for my escort, lest I unwittingly stumble upon and then reveal key company secrets, I eavesdropped on the conversations around me. The room was filled entirely with men, and they were unilaterally making fun of the show for its inaccuracies.

Once I got into the offices themselves, though, and ran into some of the women working at DropBox, many of them pointed out that "Silicon Valley" cut close to the bone—that while it might not get all aspects of the tech industry and culture right, one thing it did target was sexism, with the minimal screen time for women in the pilot reflecting the similar lack of representation for women in tech itself. Some felt "Silicon Valley" was directly challenging the tech industry, one eyebrow up, waiting for a response.

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