Is it a Coincident or a Co-Incident?

How I was able to discern which is which

I don’t know about you but I tend to put a lot of meaning behind everything I come across with.

Don’t get me wrong. Inquiring minds are always hungry - but when that inquiring mind gets distracted, it can stifle your progress and creativity. When you spend too much time reading into what should be taken at face value, it can do more harm than good.

See, I’m the type of person who loves to deepen my understanding by asking questions. I use this a lot in business, in life, when I see clients, when I run my programs and even in my relationships. And it works—because the intention is specifically set during each of these moments. I will always say, “Let everything that comes at this time be reflective of what must be seen, heard and dived into,” before going into any meeting, talk or even get-together.

What happened to me, however, was that I put this theory/principle in my everyday life. I searched for deeper meaning in everything, which could have been great - HAD I NOT OVERDONE IT.

When I heard some people say something along the lines of “I just left my boyfriend.” I’d ponder on that and think “Am I in a toxic relationship?

There was even a time when I saw a rose in the park and I pondered for a long time what that rose was telling me.

And, oh yes, there was a time when I heard someone talk about birds and I was already contemplating whether I am flying too low.

All these musings were not at all ‘bad’ per se, but it took away something in me -- faith. I kept debating and questioning.

I mean, “Duh”.

I even pondered too long on what the rose meant, right?!

So I set another intention. While I was praying, I gave a clear request to the universe. I said, “If you are telling me something show me twice!”

Since then, I’ve become more open! Ramblings in my head have become less frequent and I seem to take things at face value when they’re simply meant to be.

The best part? When the universe gives me a sign twice - I really listen, rather than thinking of the 100 reasons why I’m right and the universe is wrong.

I've become more attuned with the rhythm of nature and the vibration of the collective, as well as the tempo of my SOUL MUSIC. So the next time you wonder if something should be taken at face value or not, ask the universe to validate the signs by giving them to you twice or thrice - depending on what feels right for you - in a matter of 3-7 days!

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