Is it Art or Fart?

Is it Art or Fart?
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Is It Art or Fart? the anonymously authored site, encourages viewers to notice "art" in daily life. Images captioned with the names of art world giants like Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, and Takashi Murakami show objects that could be their work, or might just be everyday detritus. Los Angeles-based artist Alex Israel says, "The blog captures something we all do. That is, the phenomenon where you see something on the street and it looks exactly like that thing you just saw in the museum and you point it out to someone or take a picture."

The online site led to the creation of a pocket-sized volume, the Is It Art or Fart? book. Israel and New York-based art advisor Adam Shopkorn found a kinship in their mutual appreciation for the pointed and entertaining second look at the world of contemporary art, and organized the self-published book's New York launch event at the Jane Ballroom in May. The print edition makes its West Coast debut July 14th at Family bookstore, with the support of ForYourArt's Bettina Korek and Family's David Kramer. Of the humorous project, Shopkorn adds, "It's fun, and funny, but also, in a sense, a testament to how art has changed."

Enjoy a slide show of selections from Is it Art or Fart?

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