Is it Me or is Tim Geithner Fredo from Godfather II?

Is it Me or is Tim Geithner Fredo from Godfather II?
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I don't trust this Geithner character. He's got that Fredo Corleone vibe, and do you want Fredo running the Treasury? He'd hand it over to Moe Green, a.k.a. Wall Street, and get slapped around in return. Obama should give his nomination the kiss of death now. Don't wait to tell him you're taking him on a fishing trip then whack him in the boat. Save the time, end Fredo's nomination now. Here are some reasons why:

1) He worked for Kissinger and Associates as a young man! A young man! Apparently void of ideals as a youth, Geithner devoted three years working for a war criminal. Somebody get me my parka! I just got the chills!

2) The fact that he didn't pay $34000 in taxes shows Fredo Geithner thinks he's above the law. Run, now. We just had eight years of winter thanks to people who still think they're above the law.

3) He ran the NY Fed. Enough said.

4) Ok, back to number 3. As head of the NY Fed, he has a major soft spot for Wall Street and a powerful network of people in his ear--the same people who got us into this blood diamond. The health of stock prices means our country is back on track, right? Return us to the age of golden parachutes, right? Geithner will attempt to restore the glory of Wall Street, but you can't fix the economy with the same people who broke it. If Geithner couldn't stand up to derivatives what makes you think he has the guts and vision to make the hard choices needed to get our economy into this new age Obama heralded in his inauguration speech. Fredo, I mean spineless Geithner, will be Wall Street business as usual. And future generations can't afford that.

5) He developed the TARP. We already lost half of it to Darth Vader's mattress. Fredo Geithner is a bailout happy son-of-a-gun. Here a bailout, there a bailout, everywhere a bailout (oh, not for California! the state that gave us Google and everything else Americans had left to be proud of under eight years of Bush). The problem is, Fredo is too close, can't see the forest from the trees, the bonus-loving executive from the Napa mud bath. Get! Him! Out!

In conclusion, anyone who refuses to pay his taxes thinks he's above the law. It's as simple as that. Call Geithner instead a "Senior Adviser" and swear in U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald as Secretary of the Treasury. We need a wartime consiglieri. The fact is, Fredo Geithner is not a wartime consiglieri. He's Moe Green's little friend.

2009-01-22-fredo (Fredo Corleone, The Godfather)

2009-01-22-geithnertimportraitlarge.jpg (Fredo Geithner, The NY Fed)

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