Is It REALLY OK To Recline Your Seat On A Plane?

The debate rages on.

Air travel is uncomfortable to begin with: The seats are tiny, the cabin is stuffy and the combination of airplane food and the sweat of a hundred traveling bodies doesn't exactly smell great. Not to mention people snoring and germs circling and turbulence bumping and ... a seat reclining almost into your lap?!

No WAY, you think. THAT is the last straw.

Air passengers seem to be debating the reclining seat more fervently than usual, ever since one man caused a flight diversion last year while fighting over a reclined seat with the passenger in front of him. The argument was sparked by the Knee Defender, a device that blocks other passengers from reclining. Many airlines banned the Knee Defender after the spat, giving passengers more freedom to recline. But a Skyscanner poll found that in reality, 91 percent of fliers would like to see reclining seats banned on short-haul flights. We want to know the truth. So now, we ask you:

When a fellow passenger irks you during a flight, we recommend respectfully expressing your annoyance so as to avoid a fight that could result in a diversion or early landing for your plane.

Sadly, some people have taken their frustrations to Instagram, in a whole new level of passenger shaming that's just plain ugly:

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