Is it Too Early to Start Preparing for Christmas?

Is it Too Early to Start Preparing for Christmas?
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With Christmas almost four months away, it might feel like September is a little early to start getting ready. But before you know it, the season will be just around the corner. With so many opportunities for savings, planning ahead may actually be the best method to saving you a ton of a headache, and a ton of money in the future.

When is The Best Time to Purchase Christmas Gifts?

If you're making your gift purchases between now and December, you'll be able to save quite a bit of money. But the absolute best time for online shopping is November 25th and 28th this year. These dates are also known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday - the two best shopping days of the year. This is the point in the year where most retailers have paid off all of their existing inventory, so they'll be operating on pure profit moving forward. To celebrate this, most vendors have incredible deals on their inventory. If you plan just a little in advance, you can do Christmas on a budget this year by saving piles of money on the best black Friday deals.

Shopping Early Helps You Pick Something Unique

When you're trying to pick out interesting gifts on December 23rd, your selection could be pretty limited (I know this from experience). Many online stores will be out of stock of their most popular items, and with the Christmas rush, delivery times can be questionable. If you really want to impress that special someone, you can look around now and take the time to find something that will really blow them away.

Our Five Favourite Gift Ideas You Didn't Know Existed

Even if you've been looking to find personalized gifts online, you still might not have found something that sticks out. Here are some really unique gift ideas you can order in advance. I found a lot of these from Gifts Less Ordinary, through Shopify's database of retailers as well.

Death Wish Coffee: Are you shopping for somebody who just seems to have a hard time getting going in the morning? Death wish coffee is the strongest coffee you can get. They stand by their product, too. If it isn't the strongest coffee you've ever had in your life, they'll take it back for a 100% refund. As a coffee fiend myself, I thought this was definitely a cool buy.

PipCorn: PipCorn is a produced mini popcorn! That's right, they produce tiny popcorn and better yet it's all natural, gluten free, non-gmo, vegan, and whole grain. So if you're shopping for health nut who eats only all natural foods, they PipCorn could make a great stocking stuffer.

TrunkSter: The hardest part about travelling home for Christmas is when you have to leave. You might have packed light on the way there, but how are you supposed to carry all of your gifts back home? Instead of compounding the problem, you can solve it with one of the most spacious suitcases on the market.

TelegrammePaper: Just planning on sending out cards this year? Send something that really stands out with these super neat looking and beautifully designed cards, handcrafted from high-quality paper.

It's The Thought That Counts

Remember, giving gifts is about taking the time to find the perfect thing for that special someone. It's hard to put time into your gift hunt when Christmas is only five days away and you're more focused on just getting in and out of that chaos. You'll have time to make sure you find the perfect gift, and the anticipation of giving it to them will make the big day just that much more exciting.

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