Is It Worth a Drive? Three Questions to Ask When Deciding on a New Message Vehicle

Let's face it, we are in a world where there is literally a new technology for communication around the corner. From BlogTalk Radio to Google Talk Shows and beyond, there seems to be a new media "Flavor of the Week" to use in order to communicate your expertise and your service.
As a marketing media coach, I sometimes have to literally pull my clients and prospects off of the "Next Big Thing" in new media communication and push them towards a small amount of vehicles I know will profit them and their own prospects and clients better than what I l call the newest Bright and Shiny Object. In this world, we do have more opportunities to communicate but what we don't have more of ( time and energy) shows that a new media vehicle can be more a pain than a pleasure.
When deciding whether the new media agenda is right for your business, ask yourself the following:

Who Are the Current Top Stars of It?

When examining a new media resource as to whether you should use it, look towards who is currently successfully using it. Not just using it but seeing results in it. Researching who is currently profiting from the resource as well as who their audience is shows a great deal about whether it is worth your time. Take a deep look at the current success of the product as well as who is currently using it...they may not be your audience.

Does Your Niche Have Time To Hear From You Through it?

Remember: The only gain you should get from a new communication vehicle is the right people listening on the other end. A great example: busy moms probably are not fans of the live Google Talk Show but would be interested in a podcast as they can download it on their IPhone and listen to it on their own time. So before you invest in this new technology, ask yourself: Will the person I am trying to reach be on the other end of that conversation?

Why are You Looking at this New Technology?

Aside from being part of the Shiny Object Syndrome, most of the time people looking at new technologies for their business are blocking issues they have within their current marketing agendas. Before signing on to the new vehicle, ask yourself why do you believe your business requires it to survive. A recent prospect of mine was beyond overwhelmed because she was using all the new technology she could get her hands on. After measuring the results together, we found that 3 out of the over 6 technologies, websites and other media opportunities she was using were the only ones giving her any return on financial and time investment. Her real reason why she signed up for so many was fear of not being heard by anyone, let alone the right prospect.

The moral of this story can be summed up in a very well-known sales phrase: Buyer Beware. While it is new and possibly a good communication vehicle for business success..make sure it will create the success you desire and not just become another item on the Marketing To-Do List. Always measure the success against the cost (both fiscal and time-wise) and make sure it is the right investment for you.