Is It Worth It: Making Sacrifice for Beauty

When one of my acquaintances suddenly said that she was going to have breast implants and undergo a surgery, I was quite shocked. She was a young beautiful woman, slim, with nice breasts (at least in my opinion), and I had hard times understanding why she needed it. But for her, it seemed very important. We didn't talk much on the topic, as she said that the decision was made and she just wanted it, without elaborating much on the reasons behind.

This situation made me think about how much sacrifice women are making in order to remain beautiful. And it's not too surprising. Since ancient times, women have been trying hard to conform to the standards of beauty. For example, women in China used to do foot binding in order to have tiny feet; some women used to swallow special pills containing the eggs of tapeworms to stay very thin, etc. There are numerous cases of women taking radical steps and often sacrificing their health to stay beautiful. One would think that in the 21st century everything has changed, as women have more freedoms and don't necessarily have to stay at home with nothing else to do but obsessively care about their looks. But did things really become different?

The beauty surgery is thriving nowadays and it's not very cheap to undergo such a surgery. According to the basic principle of economics, the prices get higher if the demands go up, so, obviously, there is a great demand for such services. It requires substantial monetary investment, moral strength to voluntarily undergo surgery, it might be risky for health and lead to some undesired consequences, - nevertheless, more and more women are willing to do it.

Is it because we still have this idea that beauty is a winning trump and beautiful people succeed more in making a career, finding a good husband and being popular among people in general? Is it because for centuries women have been told that staying beautiful is their only main task as they were created to please the eye of a man? Do we still believe in those ideas? And how much more time should pass until we can fully realize that, no matter whether you are a male or a female, you are a human being who can have good and bad days, be happy or sad and who can look differently every day?

I don't want to undermine the physical appearance, as we do judge people by their looks and our initial impression might influence our further decisions. But I do believe that we were created beautiful, and all we need to do is just to keep this natural beauty. Our physical bodies require some care and attention, and we shouldn't ignore that.

But instead of doing liposuction, sometimes it's better just to change the diet and do some physical activities. The nutritionist might help choose an individual diet and get you in shape again. Instead of doing facial surgery, it's much better to moisturize the face with homemade masks. If you do it every day, your face will look beautiful. Such masks can help get rid of such problems like acne, overly dry or oily skin. Besides, it will save you a lot of money, which you could use for some other things.

Nowadays it's quite easy to find all the useful information that can help us look beautiful. If you love long hair that looks healthy, you can find some tips on proper hair care. If you want to try a different hairstyle - you can upload your photo and look at yourself with different hairstyles, which is a great way to make a right decision. Besides, one can find plant-based lipsticks, organic eye pencils, natural glosses that help emphasize the natural beauty and make you feel special, especially during some important events.

I've met my acquaintance after she had undergone the surgery. She looked happy and beautiful. But I know exactly that I would never do such sacrifices just to look better. It's my choice as I think it's not worth it, but for somebody else it's worth it; in the long run, life is all about making choices, and I've made mine by choosing a natural beauty.