Is Judy Miller Cooperating With Fitzgerald But Not the Times ?

Contrary to the memo Bill Keller sent to the Times newsroom this afternoon, which leaves the impression that Judy is cooperating with the Times' internal investigation into her role in Plamegate, I hear from my Times sources that her cooperation has been perfunctory -- and that even before she had been called back to meet with Fitzgerald she had refused to talk about her grand jury testimony. There are three Times reporters working on the promised "thorough story": Don Van Natta, who intimately knows Washington, on the investigative side, Adam Liptak on the legal side, and Janny Scott doing the actual writing. "This is Topic A on 43rd Street," a Times source tells me. "It's the only thing anyone is talking about. And everyone is waiting on pins and needles." A sign of the growing nervousness is that, in private conversations, Jill Abramson, who was Miller's editor on her WMD stories, is now "trying to distance herself from the whole thing."

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