Is Maine's Tea Party Candidate for Governor Paul LePage, the GOP's next Christine O'Donnell?

UPDATE: Another video has just been put out with Paul LePage saying that he wants to punch a reporter from Maine's Public Broadcasting Network.

Things are not going well for Paul LePage, the ultra-conservative Tea Party candidate for Governor in Maine.

If the train of strange ever stops for Delaware Senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell, I would say LePage is the strongest on the Tea Party bench to take over the headlines.

LePage was caught on video two weeks ago ripping into journalists who were rightly demanding answers about LePage's family finances and whether there were major tuition savings reaped from his wife falsely claiming her main residence was in Florida, instead of Maine - something Florida officials are calling a "serious matter."

And now there's this video of LePage that surfaced yesterday where he says that if he wins the Governorship he will tell the President of the United States repeatedly and publicly to "go to hell."

Watch it:

For a candidate who wants to see creationism introduced to the State of Maine's school curriculum saying that he wants the nation's leader to "go to hell" just seems.... well, not very Christian-like.

Here's the videos of LePage blowing his stack the other week when reporters were asking questions about his family's tax problems.

In this one he tells reporters to "stop the bullshit and answer the questions the way they should be answered" - which to me sounds like he wants Maine reporters to sit back, relax and just report whatever spin politicians feed them:

Here's the second one where LePage walks out of his own news conference after reporters started asking tough questions about whether he pays property tax in Maine:

It looks like all these outrageous comments and LePage's hard-right stance on issues like the environment (he wants to open Maine's coast to offshore drilling) and creationism in schools is starting to have an effect on his chances of winning. The latest poll numbers in Maine show a neck-and-neck race now between LePage and his Democratic opponent Libby Mitchell.