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Is My Barber Robbing Me?

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As of late I've been feeling pretty robbed by my barber, simply because all he does is tax. Treats me to something I didn't ask for, and then tries to charge me for it. I'm at a quandary here, how do you feel entitled to charge someone for something they didn't ask for? His response "I need money" right so do I, and everyone else who isn't apart of the 1 percent. This is a case of greed. I'm already told by friends that I pay too much for a haircut being that it's $20 a cut and when I first moved to NYC it was $17 what's going on here? Forgive me for sounding frugal, but I really don't have enough hair to be paying this much for a cut that doesn't come with anything magnificent. My hair is a close to my head as my eyelashes are to my eyelids. Am I out of my comfort zone here? I've always paid $15 at most for a haircut, even as an adult. Not to mention I was extremely spoiled in college as one of my friends would cut my hair for $7 and I always looked amazing afterwards. Perhaps this is why I'm complaining because that blessing was taken away from me once I graduated from college. Yes I know living in New York City isn't exactly the cheapest life in the world, and of course everything is higher here, but at what cost? I think as a guy with short hair, that's the last thing I want to spend a ton of money on. I visit the barber weekly which means 4 times a month at $20 a cut "4 x 20 = $80"; clearly I'm paying a bill here. Am I paranoid? I wouldn't feel like this if my friends weren't paying significantly less than I what I do. What keeps me going back you say? The feeling of knowing once I get out of the barber chair my hair won't be messed up. Truthfully I don't have the time to walk around with a bad haircut. I'm in the real world now, and I don't have an entire summer off to just let my hair grow back.

Before you judge me totally. Understand that I've paid more than $20 for a haircut. In Atlanta I've paid $25, and almost always pay that price; however a haircut in Atlanta is totally different from a haircut in New York City. There are few Barbers in New York who can actually compete with the barbers in Atlanta. I always walk out of those chairs in Atlanta happy, I always get my hair cut when I either arrive or when I'm getting ready to depart Atlanta, it's always one or the other. I can't possibly play myself, and not do that. So if I feel the haircut or services I'm receiving is worth $25 then yes I will hand over the money. So this is not a story of a cheap boy, but someone who doesn't want to be ripped off. With all that being said, I've switched barbers since this guy, and I haven't looked back. Also he was pushing my hairline back entirely too far, and no one was telling me. I didn't quite realize it until I looked at an old photo of myself, and then in mirror. Tragic!