Is Obama Hitler Or The Antichrist? Those Are The Only Two Options (VIDEO)

The Daily Show's Jason Jones took a hilarious and frightening look at two religious leaders who think President Obama is either Hitler or the Anti-Christ.

Reverend Daniel W. Blair, a Baptist minister whose likes include, "seeing people snatched from the fire of eternal damnation and transformed by the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ," thinks Obama is "The Beast" who will usher in the end times. Pastor James David Manning, on the other hand, thinks the President is Hitler. (And also a bisexual...or bicycle.)

The key part of the the segment, though, is the main stream media's coverage of these men and their "theories." Sean Hannity even invited Manning on his show to discuss his Hitler comparison.

Luckily Jones deflates both men skillfully with only a couple references to Ashton Kutcher, "The Usual Suspects," and "Howdie Do It."


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