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Is Online Divorce An Option For You?

Wevorce is for the smart couples that can work together, don't want to lose it all and want to get out with minimal damage to themselves and the people in their lives that they love.
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Online divorce? Here's what comes to most people's minds.

Some guy living in his mom's basement gets a brilliant idea while watching cartoons and eating Tostitos.

"A crap load of people get divorced every single day and have to go down to the court house to get all that paper work. They don't know exactly where to go, who to ask or even what forms they need. So why don't I just do it once and advertise online divorce? I'll make a fortune!"

Online divorce is born.

Ok, I might be exaggerating a bit... maybe he was watching The Brady Bunch.

The point is that online divorce just doesn't seem like a real option for your divorce, does it?

It might be okay for someone who's got two Johnny Cash eight-tracks and $180 bucks in the bank that he's got to split, but not for your divorce, right?

Wrong. That is if we're talking about Wevorce.

Wevorce is the brainchild of Michelle Crosby, a family lawyer with a mediation certification from Harvard University. She and her team are turning divorce on its head.

"Wevorce helps couples ensure their divorce is less damaging to themselves, their finances and the people they love. With Wevorce you are guided step-by-step through the process with as much - or as little - help as you need."

So picture this, the path a traditional divorce takes:
• Get a lawyer, file the petition
• "You've been served" yep, just like you see on TV
• Other side gets a lawyer and responds
• Discovery- Both lawyers rummage through your lives to see what you've got and what can be gotten
• Negotiations- otherwise known as 'fighting over everything'
• Settlement or possible trial (pray you don't go to trial)
• Order of Resolution- you're divorced
• Bitter, angry and poorer

This traditional approach is adversarial from the word go.

It's scary, intimidating, confusing, demeaning, insulting, damaging and frankly archaic. It's like trying to perform an appendectomy with a hedge clipper.

Wevorce's online divorce philosophy? Divorce is a not a legal problem, it just has legal implications.

"Our philosophy is that the adversarial legal system of having separate legal representation drives a lot more of the conflict than anyone realizes."

Starting off with the legal portion of your divorce is a recipe for conflict. Guess what? You're not ready for that yet! First you've got to work together to figure out your divorce plan. When that's worked out you'll be in a much better frame of mind to handle the formalities of the legal part. That's the beauty of the Wevorce system.

"When you treat divorce like a legal problem there is fighting, expensive legal bills and years of your life wasted moving through the court system. When you Wevorce you fight less, co-parent more, save time and money."

Wevorce's approach helps troubled families divorce with dignity.

Their step-by-step approach guides families through the decisions they will need to make in order to reach a divorce settlement. They have developed 18 divorce archetypes that allow them to predict and customize, with 97% accuracy, the steps each family will need to take.

You start out by filling out a simple survey. Those answers are analyzed by their proprietary software, which classifies your archetype - your pattern of thought and behavior.

By knowing your archetypes and how they will interact, Wevorce can predict where your divorce will likely meet serious conflict and then can provide extra help at that point to help move along your transition.

Wevorce says it's divorce solution has a 98% success rate, takes 1/3 the time, is a 1/4 of the cost of conventional divorce and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I recently met with Michelle Crosby at Sarabeth's in Manhattan.

What I thought might be a quick meet and greet turned into 1½ hours of some pretty passionate words and ideals.

Michelle is a true believer. After witnessing the damage of her parent's divorce and years later, living through her own, she knew she could do things better. She knew she had to.

"As a divorce attorney, I know the legal process. But going through my own divorce, I was aware of the uncertainties of life after marriage. With Wevorce, I wanted to redefine the experience. It's not about a quick fix or a cheap alternative. We created a productive online experience that doesn't waste your family's time and money. Questions get answered. Needs are defined. Plans get negotiated. So you are ready to begin again. It's your divorce designed by you."

When Michelle speaks about Wevorce, her words take hold of you, the room dims, everyone in the restaurant fades away and lasers shoot out of her piercing eyes. Ok, I might be exaggerating a bit... maybe it was fire.

The point is you can't help but realize that Michelle's vision of how to divorce is the way that all suitable divorces should be handled.

"Traditional divorce is about the lawyers, courthouses and legal documents. Wevorce is about you and your family. Wevorce empowers you to resolve your divorce on your own and ask the experts for help if you need it."

Is Wevorce for everybody?

Certainly not. If your divorce is really hostile, you'll need alternative help. If you're fighting over complex estate and money issues, you may be better served with counsel specializing in those matters.

Wevorce is for the smart couples that can work together, don't want to lose it all and want to get out with minimal damage to themselves and the people in their lives that they love.

Wevorce comes in three plans: Self Guided, Assisted and All-Pro. Which you choose depends on the level of help you feel comfortable with.

Divorce is ready for a disruption and Wevorce could actually do it.

Hey, Brady Bunch guy, feeling the heat? You should be. Someone is finally doing online divorce right.

This article contains an affiliate link- that I believe in. My readers know that I'm all about helping you and giving it to you straight while maintaining my integrity. It's why I'm trusted. I don't take this lightly. Wevorce is definitely worth looking at.

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