Is Oprah Prejudiced?

Why would I even bother to express my thoughts on this. Einstein says, "don't use your energy to explain what one is not willing to learn. People can only understand from their level of perception." Although I pondered this this idea, I believe that needs to be written. Not to prove a point and not to judge others. It needs to be said simply with the intention to teach a deeper truth that can heal all of us.

As Oprah says, "speaking our truth is the most powerful tool that we have."

January 8, 2018 was a night to remember and rightfully so. Oprah Winfrey delivered an unforgettable speech. People were in awe of her grace as she reminded us with her power and conviction that change is on the horizon. Over the last few months, many woman have come forth to courageously share there personal truths in the hopes that their story might impact even just one person. Oprah Winfrey is no different. As she stood on that stage, she used her own truth as a force of grace. She spoke of her personal experience to demonstrate that even with the limitations that were presented to her, she was given hope in witnessing another's story. Last night she was simply paying it forward. She used her deepest truth as she always has to offer each and everyone of us hope.

I woke up this morning still feeling a surge of energy from her powerful words. So you could imagine my surprise when I hopped on Facebook and noticed that people received her words as someone who expresses prejudice. In that moment, I reflected on everything I had observed about her since I was eleven years old. I was going through really difficult times at that age and I can remember coming home from school feeling a shift in my mood as I looked forward to watching The Oprah Winfrey Show. She brought me comfort as I watched her open her heart to her guests of all races and ethnic backgrounds. She listened, she supported, she celebrated and most importantly she saw each guest equally as a human being. When her show ended, she could have stopped there. But she didn’t. She continued to be my inspiration as I watched Super Soul Sundays. Again, she welcomed every guest of various ethnic backgrounds and all different religions and viewpoints, offering them a safe space to express there own truth. She provided them a place to share their gifts with one intention only - to inspire and awaken the world. She demonstrated this message of inspiration and hope through her master class as well as her movies. Not just for black people, but for all of us.

It’s important to know that in order to have the ability to hold space for so many people with this amount of grace and unconditional love, you must hold a deep universal truth deeply within you. This Universal truth is that we are all one. There is no color. There is no gender. There is no race. On a soul level she knows this well. She would not have the capability to carry out the work that she has been able to do for so many years. This way of being comes from deep within her. It is who she is, but more importantly, at the deepest level, it is who we all are. Another Universal truth is that we can only see and feel in each other what we are currently seeing and feeling within ourselves. We are all simply a reflection of each other. I know this well because I lived in pain for many years judging, criticizing, and belittling others just as I've witnessed her be judged on social media over the course of the last day. We are only capable of doing this when we are in denial of our own pain and we refuse to accept our own light. I know both sides of the coin well. Their is NO exception here. We all have the ability to unconditionally love one another and we all have the ability to feel prejudice towards each other. What is important is that we become acutely aware of when this gets triggered within us so that we may take full responsibility for it.

So to anyone that saw or felt prejudice in Ms. Winfrey’s message last night, consider that you are simply not opening up to your own grace, your own love, your own beauty, and your own compassion. Consider that you are not allowing yourself to feel deep within your heart the real power and intention of her words. My prayer for you is that you awaken to the truth of who you are so that you may feel the freedom and be the light that we were all so blessed with last night.

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