Is Paris Hilton a Good DJ?

Is Paris Hilton a Good DJ?
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Answer by Aaron Ellis, Former Music Critic with Artist Farm

This is the photo that will always be remembered. In the middle of Paris Hilton's subpar deejay debut in Brazil, a man suddenly appeared from behind the booth and started twisting the knobs on her Traktor Kontrol, essentially doing her job for her.

Never in my life have I seen a DJ - professional or amateur - let another person touch anything in their personal space while they are at work. It just isn't done ... unless of course, the person in front of the crowd is not really deejaying.

Paris plays pre-programmed mixes, none of which are any good. She doesn't mix at all while she's on stage. She dresses like a cocktail party guest instead of like an actual DJ. She spends more time dancing on stage than actually spinning records. Even after dating Afrojack, one of the top DJs in the world, she clearly does not have a grasp of how to play for a crowd.

To be fair, I hear that she is improving, so she's not a total train wreck. But then again, since she has a virtually unlimited budget and access to all elite producers and exclusive venues on the planet, how could she not improve? She recently claimed that she is one of the top 5 DJs in the world, a claim that rings audacious to music lovers and insulting to music makers.

Right now, she is not a musician, but rather a brand name. She might attract crowds, but until she shows that she can exist without the support of Scott Storch, Cash Money Records, Afrojack, or anyone else who has propped her up through the years, I can't take her seriously.

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