Is Plastic Wrap Toxic?

Is Plastic Wrap Toxic?
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I *knew* there was a reason I hate plastic-wrapped pastries in cafes..!

...Oh, right, PVC=cancer and other evils for our health, and that of our children, pets and watershed. And it never, ever, ever biodegrades. Ever.

Beware of that cling wrap. Consumer group Choice suggests we start avoiding plastic packaging for fear it could be potentially hazardous.

Of concern are materials containing polycarbonate - used to make food storage containers and bottles - and epoxy resins, used to line tin cans, Choice said.

Both have the potential to release bisphenol A, which has been linked to increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Choice has called on the industry to phase out the use of such materials, and until then, introduce mandatory labelling.

"PVC is used to make the gaskets that seal glass jars used for foods such as pasta sauces," Choice spokesman Christopher Zinn said.

"There are safer alternatives, which should be used instead...

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