Is Qualia Revolutionary or Just Another Nootropic?

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Within the nootropics world there are at least 2 - 3 new unique smart drugs released every month. Some are run of the mill and others are more sophisticated. Qualia was launched by the Neurohacker Collective in April 2016 and has grown rapidly since then. This Qualia supplement review provides a solid non-biased overview, but today we’re focusing more on the long-term nature of this brand and product.

Qualia and the Neurohacker Collective are positioning themselves to be revolutionary within the space, but is this simply good marketing or a sign of something more.

Qualia Supplement vs Unique Nootropic Blends

The Qualia nootropic supplement consists of 42 separate ingredients split into two stacks. A user of Qualia might balk at consuming 9 pills per day, but it seems the brand is more focused on comprehensive cognitive enhancement as opposed to just another product.

Compared to some of the other nootropic brands in the marketplace, this is quite a different approach. Alpha Brain, one of the most well-respected and popular nootropic stacks, is the product of Onnit, LLC. This product includes only 12 ingredients and many (like oat straw) are of dubious quality (or simply fillers).

Even though Alpha Brain is well-respected because of their placebo-controlled study at the Boston Center for Memory, the bacopa monnieri alone could have caused this result. Finally, Onnit has decided to hide the ingredients and their doses for Alpha Brain behind proprietary blends. This lack of transparency is a major weak point.

In comparison, the Neurohacker Collective has provided clear doses of all their ingredients in addition to utilizing mostly solid doses and ingredients.

Comparing Qualia with OptiMind shows similar disparities. Their product includes only 14 ingredients and some of which aren’t effective (GABA for example). Again, they too have created a nootropic stack that has grown in popularity, but with non transparent tactics. Their exact doses are hidden behind a proprietary “focus blend”.

From looking at these two most popular nootropic stacks, it is clear that the Neurohacker Collective is producing something to revolutionize the nootropic industry. Not only are they transparent and using quality ingredients, but they are also using ingredients of questionable status (such as noopept and centrophenoxine).

By pushing the envelope with their product, they are assuredly revolutionizing the nootropics industry.

Yet, they are doing far more than that...

Qualia: The Dream Team

It’s hard for a supplement to be “revolutionary” unless the team behind the product is worthwhile. The management team at the Neurohacker Collective far exceeds that of most other nootropic blends.

Their team is both highly effective in different domains and forward thinking. Between the leadership and scientific expertise, this team is grounded in revolutionary ideas and their methods of operating the business reflect as much.

Jordan Greenhall - The CEO of the Neurohacker Collective has developed many disruptive technologies including DivX and many others. His interests in complex systems and artificial intelligence have led him to investments and projects that transcend mere brain supplements.

James Schmachtenberger - Another founder of the team, James has helped bring medical marijuana into California and has fought organizations that limited the spread of this useful plant.

Daniel Schmachtenberger - As the member of major think-tanks, Daniel has spent ample time disrupting industries and paving the way for radical change.

All three of these leaders, combined with scientists and doctors from Stanford University and others, are highly effective but forward thinking. Their interests with Neurohacker Collective transcend basic cognitive enhancement and hope to radically alter humankind.

This is clearly evidenced in their method o funding.

Qualia Now Crowdfunded

Most companies, especially in the supplement space, are not transparent at all let alone with their finances. The Qualia nootropic is one of the first to be crowdfunded at a later stage. Rather than simply launching a Kickstarter campaign, it’s possible to own equity in the Neurohacker Collective as a member of the public.

In a recent WeFunder campaign, the Neurohacker Collective opened up their books to provide consumers the opportunity to own the company they support. This is a revolutionary approach to business within the nootropics industry and is assuredly a sign of the team and their forward looking desires.

This is the final component suggesting that the Qualia nootropic, and the Neurohacker Collective, is more than just another nootropic. Only time will tell whether they are truly revolutionary, but they seem off to a good start.

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