Is Quirky the New Hot?

Both New Girl and the Mindy Project are setting the scene for some pretty quirky women. They are proving that you don't necessarily have to be outrageously beautiful and have legs up to your eyes to have a man be interested in you. Girls like Jessica Day and Mindy Lahiri have always been considered cute and adorable. Yet, we are reaching an age where quirky just might be the new hot.

Velma was always sweet and crazy intelligent, but Daphne was the girl that all the guys wanted to be with. Guys weren't jumping through hoops to be with Monica Gellar, because they wanted a chance to be with Rachel Green. The scene has been set and it has been this way for a very long time.

However, in recent television, weird has become the new normal and dorky has become the new cute. Guys (at least the men in these television shows) are realizing how much they want a girl that is interesting, rather than a girl who is simply beautiful. Not to say that these girls aren't also pretty; they are very beautiful women. They just also have brains and wit.

Jessica Day is a schoolteacher who wears skirts, cardigans and tights to basically every event. Yet, Nick still falls for her. He has his share of problem -- he doesn't possess any responsibility, he is basically drunk or eating at all times of the day, and he's practically an angry old man. Despite all of these factors, though, girls at home are fawning over his character. It isn't just about dreaming about a guy that you will never meet.

Nowadays, girls at home are able to dream about guys that they have a chance of meeting. The possibility of finding this guy at the local grocery store is what keeps these girls watching. They are hoping to find their Nick, and the guys, without admitting to it, are hoping to find their Jess.

Mindy Lahiri is a girl that talks too much, is outrageously dramatic, and is a little self-involved. Yet, she is also a certified OB/GYN and she is kind to those she cares about. She's just a girl in the city that is looking for love; she isn't Carrie Bradshaw looking for love: a woman who is gorgeous and sexy and blonde and has a crazy sense of fashion. She's just a girl who wears bright colors and who is looking for a guy that will put up with all of her weird.

She goes through a million different small love affairs. She helped out a prostitute, was engaged to a minister, got serious with a cocaine addict and tried to be with a 40 year old that wore cargo shorts and rode around on a skateboard. That shows that everyone can be loved at one point, because everyone deserves it.

Transitioning with the times, television shows -- and even movies today -- are allowing more normal women to be the heroine of their stories. They are able to get the guy, and snub the popular girl. If all of the years before this were the times of the hot and the popular, perhaps we're entering the century where it's okay to be weird and dorky and into obscure things.

Whether you're Mindy Lahiri, Jessica Day, or just another Jo Shmoe on the street who is obsessed with something, you can be accepted. These shows are showing you this, and they're even giving you the chance to believe it.